Pharmaceutical water treatment system


Sanitary Tubing for Bio-Pharmaceutical Lines

Our ASME BPE-compliant stainless steel tubing for biopharmaceutical applications is carefully crafted to meet industry requirements. Made from cold-rolled stainless steel strip with controlled chemical elements for optimal weldability, our tubing features flawlessly finished surfaces and imperceptible longitudinal welds. Bright annealing in a controlled atmosphere ensures maximum structural integrity. Choose our high-quality and reliable ASME BPE tubing for your biopharmaceutical process systems.

We offering two options for BPE tubing with SF1 requirements.

・BPE Ultra-Pure: For your most critical applications, ready for electropolishing.
・BPE Pure: Cost-effective alternative when electropolishing is not required.

Size List

Size OD Tolerances, OD Wall thickness Tolerances on wall thickness Tolerances on Length Weight Kg/M
1/2" (12.7) +1-0.005(0.13) 0.065"(1.65) +/-10.0% +1/8" (3.18)-0 0.4571
3/4" (19.1) +/-0.005(0.13) 0.065"(1.65) +/-10.0% +1/8" (3.18)-0 0.7218
1"(25.4) +/-0.005(0.13) 0.065"(1.65) +/-10.0% +1/8" (3.18)-0 0.9824
1-1/2" (38.1) +/-0.008(0.20) 0.065"(1.65) +/-10.0% +1/8" (3.18)-0 1.5078
2"(50.8) +/-0.008(0.20) 0.065"(1.65) +/-10.0% +1/8" (3.18)-0 2.0331
2-1/2"(63.5) +/-0.010(0.25) 0.065"(1.65) +/-10.0% +1/8" (3.18)-0 2.5585
3"(76.2) +/-0.010(0.25) 0.065"(1.65) +/-10.0% +1/8" (3.18)-0 3.0797
4"(101.6) +/-0.015(0.38) 0.083"(2.11) +/-10.0% +1/8" (3.18)-0 5.2628
6”(152.4) +/-0.030(0.76) 0.109"(2.77) +/-10.0% +1" (25.4)-0 10.3909

Surface Finish

► A270-S2 ASME BPE SF1 (Mechanical Polish) 20 Ra max. (0.5um) ID, 32 Ra max. (.08um) OD

► A270-S2 ASME BPE SF4 (Electropolish) 15 Ra max. (.38um) ID, 32 Ra max. (.08um) OD

► All polished tubing meet or exceed A270, 3A, A270-S2. ISO/TS 16959:2009 Registered Quality Management System. MTRs are shipped with all tubing. ASME-BPE Certified: Certificate # 101


Material Composition

Made in China with highest quality stainless steel

Elements 316L(wt%)
(C) Carbon,Max. 0.035
(Mn) Manganese,Max. 2.00
(P) Phosphorus,Max. 0.040
(S) Sulfur 0.005-0.017
(Si) Silicon, Max. 0.75
(Ni) Nickel 10.0-15.0
(Cr) Chromium 16.0-18.0
(Mo) Molybdenum 2.0-3.0
(Fe) Iron Bal.
(Cu) Coppor NA
(N) Nitrogen NA

Laser-Welded Tubing For Maximum Performance

Since demanding applications require the highest quality tubing, Yaolong Tube has been perfecting its laser welding capabilities since 1998, using a high-energy density process. Our 100% laser welded tubing has:

・Less potential for corrosion in the weld area
・Full finished tube appearance
・Superior performance

Testing and Packaging

To assure strict accordance with ASTM A270 and 3A, Sanitube tubing is subjected to extensive reverse bend, reverse flattening, flange, and eddy current testing. After successfully completing testing, tubes are sealed with air tight end caps and individually packaged in high quality poly sleeves. Tubes are then packaged in heavy-duty tri-wall boxing. Wood boxes are available for export shipments when specified.


Biological engineering industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, purified water industry, electronic engineering industry, chemical fiber industry, chemical industry, paper making industry, the beer industry, highly-purified gasses industry, cosmetics industry, etc.

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